"Our vision is to be recognized as the Indian leader and provider of Integrated logistics and distribution solutions while keeping high quality of works and satisfaction of customer as our main aim."

International Parcel Services

IPS Logistics(International Parcel Services) is a renowned name in couriers and logistic sector and serving proudly since 2000. IPS is based in heart of New Delhi,and work with Exporters, Importers, Supply Chain Professionals and leading shipping network to deliver with sounding ease. We focus on door to door, port to port, Air Shipment, Sea Shipments, Cargo and international courier services with wide connectivity across the globe in cost effective manner. We believe in providing a hassle free movement service to our client and let them focus on their core business activity leaving transportation hassle to us.

IPS team is equipped with latest trends , technology and expertise in courier and logistics industry to provide utmost professionalism and quality of services to our clients and our team is known for boundary less communication.

So let's work together to build a new era of shipping! HAPPY SHIPPING