Volume Weight calculator

Your Volumetric Weight is:

Volume Weight calculator

Shipping charges will be based on the dimensional weight of the shipment when the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight. Dimensional weight is determined by using International Parcel Services volumetric standard.


Step 1:Calculate cubic size :

Multiply the length by the width and by the height (each rounded up to the nearest whole centimetre) of each package

Step 2:Determine the dimensional weight :

Divide the cubic size of the package by 5000 to determine the dimensional weight in kilograms.


The maximum weight of a package may vary by destination.

Call our Customer Service Representative for details.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Why do people use currency converter One of the most general reasons is the following: people may plan to move from one country to another, because of which they will be unable to use their domestic currency. So, the currencies may be converted due to the need of usage in other territories, where the domestic one may not be accepted. An online Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator is good to use for business, personal, or educational purposes.

If you do not yet know how to use currency converter, below mentioned will definitely help you to get used to it:

  • Choose two currencies that interest you to make a conversion.
  • Press Calculate button. The result will be shown.